Over $100,000 Raised for Zimbabwe Emergency Food Relief

Thanks to the amazing generosity exhibited by individuals and churches around the U.S., we are happy to report that hungry Zimbabweans are now receiving food!  Thirty tons of maize has already been successfully distributed with another 30 tons just purchased.  Churches around Harare and Mashonaland East are being used as distribution sites along with 2 Church of Christ schools, an orphanage, and a mission hospital to ensure that food is fairly dispersed.  We are also in the process of purchasing beans, maize, and cooking oil from South Africa.  The donations we have received have been an answered prayer and God is using the food not only to meet the physical needs of Zimbabweans, but also to touch the souls of these people.  We wish to thank those of you who have opened your hearts and wallets to our efforts in Zimbabwe.  If you still wish to contribute, this would enable us to continue buying food for Zimbabweans in need.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

In addition, You probably have seen on the news in recent months reports of the disaster in Zimbabwe.  Because of a collapsed economy and unsanitary living conditions, over 55,000 cases of deadly cholera have been acknowledged along with over 3000 deaths.  In order to fight this devastation, East Point Church of Christ has partnered with Healing Hands International to arrange for enough medicine to be airlifted to treat 20,000 cases, working through Nhowe Mission Hospital and other church-related medical facilities. While this will not end the epidemic, it saves the lives of many who face a painful death without it.

While we are concentrating for the moment on saving the lives of many people, we have not forgotten that we also are saving souls.  The extremely difficult conditions in Zimbabwe have created great new interest in the gospel message as evidenced by a 10-fold increase in World Bible School students from 2007-08.  There are now 400,000 WBS students in Zimbabwe alone .  As Zimbabweans see God answer their prayers for food through the churches already there, we believe their interest will be even further kindled.

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