Built in 1939, The Nhowe Mission school currently serves around 1,500 students in both the primary and secondary schools.  Some of these students attend the day school and travel home (which can be several miles away) every afternoon.  The other students are boarding students.  They live at the school in the dormitories while school is in session.  Students who attend Nhowe Mission receive one of the highest-quality educations one can receive in the country of Zimbabwe.  Students attend academic classes as well as bible classes and chapel each day.  Currently, Nhowe Mission serves preschool students through Form 6 students (the U.S. equivalent of High School).

Missionaries at Nhowe Mission in the 1960’s

Due to the AIDS epidemic, many of the students attending Nhowe Mission are now orphaned.  Nhowe Mission has taken on the responsibility of feeding and caring for these children.  If you are interested in helping a Nhowe Mission student, please visit the Zimbabwe Orphan Program site.